About Us


 Remeber there is always a way to get the machine to you.  I have shipped machines as far away as Germany.  It usually costs about 60 cents to $1 per mile for a ball part figure.

There are 4 ways for you to get your machine

1. Come and get it in person.  Most Mowers can be loaded in the back of a pickup if this is all you have.  We can get a large X700 with 62 inch deck in the back of most mid sized or larger pickups.

2. U-ship.  I have found the U-ship site and carriers to work well and keep the cost of transport down.

3. Shipping it buy way of Freight company on an LTL Carrier.  This means you would have to pick it up at a shipping terminal.  It would also have to be crated this costs 200 extra.

4. I can hual it to you or meet you half way.  I can do this if time premits and the distance is not over 150 miles.