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This is a few words to describe what we are about and what we provide our customers.

   We are a small family run business that takes extreme pride in the machines we sell.  Since most of our customers choose not to come pick out there machine in person, they have to put there trust in us to give them the machine they want.  We inspect them for any defects or problems before we purchase them.  Then they get tested for 2 to 10 hours to make sure of quality and that there are no hidden problems.  We guarantee our machines to be what we promised or they can be returned for full refund of purchase price.  

     We will help you find the right machine for your application if we don't have it we can get it, if we cant we will try to send you to someone who can.  We will never put you in the wrong machine. If you find a good deal, run it by us and we will tell you if we think its better than what we can offer you.  Its rare, but it does happen.

     You can be assured that when you buy a machine from us you are getting a great machine at a very reasonable price.  Here at Green Power we want satisfied customers this is the only true judge of  success .

   You are always welcome to call direct on the phone to get the answers you need.   402-525-8384.